Less artivles and costs with sub-assemblies

Timmerije has a specially equipped assembly department where they are expert in the process of assembling, testing and packing of your plastic injection moulded products. Over 35 employees work here daily on customer-specific equipped assembly lines for this additionally added quality.

As Timmerije performs these work activities in-house we use short lines, so we can offer high quality and flexibility. Timmerije arranges the purchasing of the extra articles, the warehousing and the logistics for you.

assemblage-4 assemblage-1

assemblage-2 assemblage-3

Timmerije can also comply with the increasing demand to deliver the plastic injection moulded products fully tested.
The assembly work activities that we provide are:

•  sub-assemblies
•  customer-specific packing
•  labelling
•  testing
•  digital printing