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Corporate social responsibility

The welfare of people, environment and society is important to Timmerije. We consider the effects of our business operations on these factors and therefore we go for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Integration social workshop

For more than 35 years we have been cooperating with Hameland, the organisation that supports people who are detached from the employment market, with their development. Since 2012 the social workshop employees have been working at Timmerije in the assembly department as involved, pleasant colleagues who love the business. So, the cooperation between Timmerije and Hameland is the textbook example in the development that these Hameland employees have experienced: from employee within the walls of Hameland to employee with a regular employer.

CO2 footprint

In our plastic product development projects we consider the reduction of material usage and the impact on the CO2 footprint. We also re-use our materials as much as possible and we use recyclates for various projects. For our customers we have established parallel recycling processes. We take the plastic injection moulded parts return from the market and we segregate these to grind them in our own grinding shop.

Use of recyclates and biopolymers

Besides recyclates the biopolymers will be applied more and more. As the biopolymers are still in the development stage regarding application options, we provide our own moulds to accelerate these processes. Together with raw material suppliers, we research how this sustainable solution in plastic injection moulded products can be best processed.

Zero waste

One or our key performance indicators is waste. Therefore, we have started an internal project, “Don’t waste it”, to reduce waste in our production. By investing in a manufacturing execution system, we are able to perform this reduction controlled and to ensure it.

Reduction energy consumption

To reduce the energy consumption we have tightened our specifications and work method. With all investments and the action to be taken we focus on this point. Therefore, all our new machines are more energy efficient and we disconnect the machine park when there is no production. Plus, our warehouse will soon be equipped with solar panels.


We express our social function in the neighbourhood through local sponsoring of the clubs, participation in festivities and organising company visits. For the training programs in the neighbourhood we make ourselves available as learning company for traineeships and apprenticeships.

Key issues

Within Timmerije we have defined 7 key issues that indicate the commitment and mission of Timmerije. We consider these key issues with all our decisions that we make for the continuation of our business operations:
Key issues


Timmerije supports the Rethink program as an NRK member. This is a joint initiative of the plastic producing and processing industry in the Netherlands. With Rethink we try to give a picture about our industry and the role we play in making our society more sustainable.
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