Injection moulding

24-hours production: 3shifts, 5 days a week

Timmerije has 3 shifts of 24-hours production, 5 days a week and has over 50 injection moulding machines, ranging from 25 to 1,400 tons clamping force. Thereof, ten 2-components machines with a clamping force between 75 and 650 tons are operational. Most processes are run completely automatic and are set customer-specifically. Timmerije also has several, flexible deployable gas injection stations.

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Well – maintained moulds and production means

Timmerije’s own tool shop is available 24 hours a day on working days. Besides the performance of modifications, adequate repair and preventive maintenance on moulds and tools is carried here. Good maintenance, the preservation and fire proof storage ensure retention of the lifespan. A nice security, plus, a guarantee that the delivery time of your plastic injection moulded products is not jeopardised.

Timmerije is the partner for innovation

Timmerije has the mentality and the knowhow to continuously take a step further to develop new injection moulding techniques. Timmerije wants to reach a “Next Level in Plastics” consistently with this. By integral thinking the processing becomes smarter and smarter and over the years many various injection moulding processes have been created at Timmerije.

Timmerije controls the following plastic injection moulding techniques:

•  2k, 3k injection moulding
•  co-injection moulding
•  gas- & water injection moulding
•  compression moulding
•  in-mould labelling
•  in & outsert moulding
•  multicomponent injection moulding