Timmerije processes a wide range of plastics and additives

Timmerije processes thermoplastics, mainly including the “engineering plastics” (PP, PA, ABS, POM, PBT, PC,PS, HIPS, PSU, PPO, TPR, SEBS,TPU). These plastics all have their own specific characteristics for the application of your plastic injection moulded product. Through many years of processing these plastics Timmerije has the experience and knowledge to give you targeted advice. Timmerije has obtained experience with over 1,000 different types and compositions and about 200 of these are currently up to date in the program.


To provide the plastics with additional specific characteristics Timmerije can add additives. For the processing of the additives it also applies that we have many years of experience.

Additives in the program:

•  colour master batches
•  protection against UV light
•  flame retardance (HB, V2, V1, V0, 5VA)
•  antibacterial
•  antistatic
•  foam agent
•  glass fibres & balls, chalk or talc


These bioplastics are made from polymers with a biologic origin. They are a sustainable alternative for the plastics that are produced based on petroleum. Almost anything produced from synthetic plastics can also be produced from bioplastics, but sustainable. Bioplastics are namely applied in a closed cycle; cradle-to-cradle (C2C). Therefore, the use of fossil fuels is reduced and the emission of CO2 is limited. Furthermore, the production and processing of bioplastics requires less energy. Future generations will not be burdened with waste and environmental problems.

Timmerije has experience with multiple types of polymers (plastics) and can optionally advise the applications and (im) possibilities.

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