Our story


Ninety years ago Timmerije started as a blacksmith’s. Meanwhile we have become a modern plastic injection moulding plant and we produce high quality plastic products, from dress guards to child seats and from seat backs to complex ventilator parts. Besides our modern plastic injection moulding plant, we also have our own engineering department, tool shop and an assembly department.

But what do we stand for and what is our aim? How did we become leader in plastic injection moulding? We are committed to supply quality in each process step that we take and you as customer are central. We use our wide experience and specialised product and process knowledge to achieve the maximum result for you. Effective teamwork is our slogan to achieve the highest level; “the next level in plastics”.

For the controllable production of your plastic injection moulded products we have made large investments in recent years. Not just in our modern machine park, but also in our craftsmen supplemented with our quality management system. We are continuously more able to shorten the time-to-market of your new plastic injection moulded products and to perfectly align the quality and delivery times with your requirement.

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Where we are strong in?

 Manageable plastic injection molding
  Product development

During the development and life cycle of your plastic injection molded product you can expect from us a complete service. Your molds and tools are at our maintained in optimum condition and changes are made according to strict procedures.


different industries

Timmerije makes plastic injection molded products for various industries.
Industries which we mainly work are the following:

 bicycle Industry
 furniture Industry
 domestic industry
 Electronics industry
 Transport Industry
 automotive industry

Why we are ISO certified?

We think and work process-oriented. Each process step that we go through, we want to secure and we strive for continuous improvement. Therefore, we are ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2015 and IATF 16949 certified.