Production monitoring

Sustainable controllable plastic injection moulding with security

For controllable and sustainable plastic injection moulding Timmerije has invested in the most advanced and extensive type of control and process monitoring. Therefore, Timmerije has connected its machine park to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES system). It is an interlayer that links the administrative and logistical systems in the organisation with the production.


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It continuously provides up to date insight in order information from the ERP and the performance on the production floor. These are the machine parameters, the possible downtime, the product quality and the operator work activities. This information is clearly transferred so all employees will only see that information that is of interest to them. The combination of this data with tolerances ensures that employees can respond quicker and more adequate to developments. The reduction of waste is one of the (critical) performance indicators for Timmerije. Less raw material and energy waste is our durable thought.