Project management

By project-based working you retain grip on the process

To turn your plastic injection moulded products into a success Timmerije has a projects organisation. In this type of cooperation Timmerije is active to exchange knowledge and to give you advice to make your plastic injection moulded products producible for series production. A project team of Timmerije is composed of various disciplines: product development, mould development, process development and also purchasing/sales, in order to immediately provide figures, next to the producibility, to be able to make investment decisions.

Timmerije selects a multi-discipline approach to avoid late adjustments and to use the correct means to realise a high-quality product. On time and against the lowest costs. To ensure that a project is completed on time and that the product/process meets all the customer’s requirements, Timmerije operates according the APQP method for ISO/TS 16949 customers.


Timmerije operates according the apqp method and the 8-stage product development plan

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning or in other words “Project management) is a structured method for defining and establishing the necessary steps that have to be performed during the development of a product or preparation of a production process. This also applies for your plastic injection moulded product. By operating according this APQP method Timmerije offers you structure for effective communication between all involved parties. This way we ensure that all steps are completed on time. Before Timmerije starts series production with your plastic injection moulded product, the product and the required process must to be released. Therefore, the associated documentation will be supplied according the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) procedure. The PPAP file provides the evidence that Timmerije has understood your specific customer requirements and that it complies with this. This will be summarised for you in a Part Submission Warrant form, together with a product sample. Read more about the 8-stage product development plan.

Read more about the 8 stages of product development plan.