Holding & Management


Since 2010 Timmerije is an operating company of Hydratec Industries NV, a stock market listed, worldwide active specialist in industrial systems and components. Hydratec’s focus is on markets in Agri & Food, Automotive and Health Tech.

Hydratec has two core activities; Agri & Food Systems and Plastic Components. Due to the growing world population and the increasing welfare the Hydratec companies are well positioned. They mainly focus on the following markets:

In each of these markets sustainability has become an important boundary condition for growth. That means realising more with fewer raw materials, but also that the consequences for the environment and the social acceptance of affairs is playing a more and more important role in everything that we and our customers do.

  • Agri & Food
  • Automotive
  • Health Tech

Sustainability has become an important prerequisite for growth in each of these markets. That means achieving more with less resources, but also the environmental impact and the social acceptance of business will play an increasingly important role in everything we and our clients do.



The daily management of Timmerije consists of the following management team members:

Hans Kolnaar
Managing Director

Pim Peeters

Dik Timmerije
Human Resource Manager

Rogier van de Meerendonk
Commercial Manager